Class Reunion Decorations

In the extensive and daunting process that goes into planning a class reunion, coming up with decoration ideas is a fun break from the more mundane tasks. Brainstorming ways to decorate the venue where your classmates will gather is a great opportunity to express your creativity and make the space look beautiful. Gone are the days of standard reunions with balloons and streamers in the class colors. These days class reunions are getting cool and original. Let these ideas for class reunion decorations inspire you to plan one fabulous party.

Class Reunion Decorations: Night One

The first event of a class reunion is usually a short gathering to register for the weekend’s activities, get reacquainted with your old classmates and enjoy some snacks and ice breakers. This is usually very informal, and these particular class reunion invitations should be kept very simple. However, having some decor is nice, especially if you expect people to spend a couple of hours there. Here are a few ideas for decorating for night one:

Registration Table

class reunion registration table with yearbooks
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Secure a large table where guests will come to sign in, register, get their tickets and name tags or whatever else you have in store for them. Decorate with a tablecloth and a large bouquet of flowers. Add some memorabilia such as some yearbooks, your graduation announcement or other school-related items. Make sure you decorate your table with things that will ease your classmates’ nerves and make them feel welcome.

Photo Collages

class reunion photo collage letter shapes
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This will require some advanced planning and extra effort, but creating eye-catching photo collages for the walls will be a wonderful way to transport your classmates back in time. They’ll love seeing old photos of themselves from days gone by. You can spell out the initials of your school or make number collages, such as “10” or “20.” You can also do a “then and now” theme with both old and new photos. Simply request on the reunion invitations that your classmates send you old and new photos at least two months before the reunion. Then get a small group together and create beautiful photo collages your old friends will enjoy.

Class Reunion Decorations: The Big Party

Typically, the second day of a class reunion is reserved for a big party that involves dinner, dancing and plenty of mingling. Some class reunions simply have this one big event. This is where you’ll want to spend the majority of your budget for class reunion decorations.

Before you begin to brainstorm ideas for your class reunion decorations, explore the venue that your class has selected for the party. Usually this will be a hotel ballroom or conference room, a room at a resort or a large banquet room at a restaurant or bar. Take a visit and envision the room decorated with tables and chairs for seating, a food table or buffet table, a bar, a dance floor and a place for the DJ or band to set up. This will give you a good idea of the decor you’ll need.

Table Centerpieces

Choose your table centerpieces wisely. They will be the most viewed part of your class reunion decorations since your fellow alumni will gather around the tables to eat, drink and chat with each other. Here are a few creative centerpiece ideas:

reunion photo rose petal centerpiece
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Turn photos of classmates into centerpieces! These particular centerpieces were made from photo frames. You can find a tutorial here. Adding some candles and rose petals creates an elegant vibe with soft, flattering lighting your old friends are sure to appreciate.

Painted Mason Jar Decor
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For a more casual reunion, stick to simple centerpieces. This entire centerpiece can be found at for a low price. This would be perfect for an outdoor garden reunion party or a daytime event.

elvis centerpiece
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Put a little pop culture into your centerpieces! Collect photos of popular bands, movies or actors that were popular during your high school or college days. Create photo collage centerpieces and have some other memorabilia, like CDs or small souvenirs. This is a perfect idea if your class reunion has a theme and will conjure up plenty of nostalgia.


When it comes to lighting, you can’t go wrong with candles. Line the tables with votives and decorate the food table with candles. If your party is outdoors, illuminate your walkway with paper lanterns and string lights in trees as well as over the dance floor. Depending on the venue, some inexpensive chandeliers may be the perfect way to add elegance and sophistication.

outdoor lights
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Make sure you illuminate the food table so guests will know where to go when it’s dinner time,

reunion lighting paper lanterns
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Paper lanterns make beautiful indoor decorations too, particularly when they’re strung over the dance floor or over guests’ tables. Take notes when you explore the venue and decide how you can use these affordable lighting ideas to add elegance to your class reunion.

Honoring Deceased Classmates

class reunion memory tree
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Make sure your decorations include something to honor your classmates who have passed on. This can include a table with their photos and a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a photo collage on the wall, or a memory tree like the one pictured above. Choose a writer from your graduating class to write a poem or short piece about your lost classmates. You may also purchase memory books and have your fellow alumni write down their fond memories of the deceased. This makes a beautiful gift for the parents or children of the classmates.

If you’re having a themed event, you can incorporate the class reunion decorations into your theme. For theme ideas for your class reunion, check out this blog post. And for other affordable ideas for your class reunion decorations, read this article. Enjoy your class reunion!

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