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The years have flown by, and now it’s almost time to reunite with your old classmates once again for a reunion. After you’ve formed your committee, reached out to your fellow alumni and settled on a date, it’s time to order your class reunion invitations. The reunion invitations will be the first glimpse your classmates get of the party that is to come, so set the tone of the big event with invitations that match. Let these tips and ideas inspire you to design class reunion invitations your classmates will love and cherish for years to come.

Traditional Class Reunion Invitations

Formal Class Reunion Invitation by
Formal Class Reunion Invitation by

Traditionally, a class reunion is either one big event, such as a Saturday night party, or a weekend affair with several events to give everyone enough time to get reacquainted. If your graduating class decides to stick to tradition, your class reunion invitations should be traditional as well. Select an invitation in your school colors and go for traditional invitation wording, such as:

You are invited to the
Shady Valley High School Class of 1993
Twentieth reunion celebration.

Saturday, September fourteenth, two thousand thirteen
Cocktails: five – Dinner: seven – Dancing: nine o’clock
The Cascade Ballroom
Sycamore, Illinois

Booklet Reunion Invitations

More often than not, a class reunion spans several days with several activities, especially a ten year or 20 year reunion. Some of your classmates will have children they’ll want everyone to meet, and everyone will appreciate an adults-only activity or two as well. offers booklet-style invitations that will allow you to describe each reunion event in detail on one invitation. This makes a wonderful addition to, or even an alternative to, a class Facebook page or reunion website. Receiving information on each event in one booklet will allow your fellow alumni to stay organized and make plans to attend the events that interest them.

Funny Reunion Invitations

frank and ernest reunion cartoon

Did you have a class full of clowns? Sometimes sending humorous reunion invitations is the best way to break the ice and get your classmates excited to re-live their high school or college days. If you’re preparing for your 20 or 30 year reunion, you can make a joke about your age or list a funny quote about aging. If it’s your ten year reunion, a little self-deprecating humor will help ease the nerves of your classmates who may feel like they have something to prove. Here are a few examples of funny quotes that can be used on your reunion invitations:

“High school, those are your prime suffering years. You don’t get better suffering than that.”
– Uncle Frank, Little Miss Sunshine

“Okay, well, I’ll see you at the “I’ve peaked and I’m kidding myself” party.”
 – Paul Spericki, Grosse Pointe Blank

“Whoever tells the best story wins.”
– John Quincy Adams, Amistad

“She said she was approaching forty, and I couldn’t help wondering from what direction.”
– Bob Hope

“We don’t grow older, we grow riper.”
– Pablo Picasso

Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.”
– Billie Burke

Online Reunion Invitations

Thanks to widespread technological advances, the odds are good that every one of your classmates has internet access. You can save time and money by creating online reunion invitations. Paper invitations are nice, but most classes opt to create class websites in addition to them to provide everyone with all the details of the reunion. Just make sure you have an email address for each of your classmates so you can invite them all to view the invitation.

Unique Reunion Invitations

If you’re planning a modern class reunion, there’s no need to opt for traditional reunion invitations. If you had a smaller gradating class or you’ve just got the time and means for a little creativity, you can send out unique reunion invitations your fellow alumni will love. Here are three ideas:

Time capsule-style reunion invitations. are fun and will definitely stir up some nostalgia. Unearth facts and trivia about the year in which your graduation ceremony was held as a jumping-off point. Then add some important events that have happened since, ending with the present year. Find out what the #1 hit on the radio was the year you graduated and other fun things your classmates will remember. Include major events as well as fun pop culture references.

Custom magnet reunion invitations. Create custom magnet reunion invitations on complete with photos, custom wording, and embellishments, along with your choice of colors, embellishments, and backgrounds. Guests can hold on to the invites as keepsakes of their class reunion.

Newspaper headline reunion invitations. Have some fun and create a fake newspaper article about your upcoming class reunion. This is a fun way to think outside the box as well as list all reunion details in one spot. Here is an example of  newspaper-style reunion invitation wording:

Wildly Successful Liberty Lake Graduating Class of 2004 Plans Reunion

Liberty Lake, WA.  After much anticipation and speculation, it has been confirmed that Liberty Lake High School’s graduating class of 2004 has successfully planned a 20 year reunion. Reports of the group forming a planning committee and meeting in secret have also been confirmed to be true.

The grand event is set to take place during the weekend of August 16, 2014, with events being planned that will span three full days. The group will initially gather on Friday night for a registration reception at an undetermined location rumored to be Twigs Martini Bar. Saturday will hold a group charity golf tournament with all proceeds going to one of the class’s ailing classmates. The alumni will then hold a dinner and dancing celebration of epic proportions at a secret location that’s still to be determined. A Sunday picnic in Liberty Lake park is also scheduled for 1 PM on August 17.

“We’re very excited about the initial plans as well as the excitement of our fellow alumni,” said Liberty Lake High School Class of 1993 President James Stevens. “We’re hoping for a high turnout. It’s sure to be a lot of fun!”

The Liberty Lake High School Class of 1993 was rumored to be one of the most charismatic, generous and goal-oriented classes of its time. These rumors are supported by the wild success of its members, including one Senator, two doctors, many world travelers and a Hollywood actress. Details of this fabulous reunion can be found at 

Make sure and select an invitation style that will fit the style of reunion you plan to hold and will appeal to a wide variety of your classmates. For information and samples on wording for your class reunion invitations, check out this article. Happy planning!

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