8 Great Family Reunion Gifts for a Memorable Meetup

family reunion gifts

Family reunions only happen once a year, so you’ve got to make them count! One way to help make this year’s family reunion memorable is by arranging goodie bags with personalized family reunion gifts tucked inside. These gifts not only serve as fun family reunion mementos, but they can also be put to use at the family reunion itself! Let’s take a look at eight of our favorite options:

1.) Custom T-shirts

Custom T-shirts are becoming a big-time trend in the world of family reunions. When everyone is wearing the same T-shirt, it not only adds to the feeling of family and unity, but also evens the playing field a bit, since no one is “better dressed” than anyone else. Plus, no stress over what to wear! Custom gift companies like PurpleTrail offer high-quality, soft T-shirts from recognized brands like Gildan and American Apparel in men’s and women’s cuts. Sizes range from small to 2XL, so there’s something for every shape.

family reunion gifts
Custom Family Reunion T-shirt from PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail makes it easy to personalize each T-shirt with a family member’s name, the reunion date, and the theme of your family reunion. The online design center on the PurpleTrail website lets you add any photos, text, and embellishments you want to a custom T-shirt. You can customize an existing family reunion design on the website or simply upload your own design to a blank shirt.

2.) Custom Canvas Prints of the Family

Since large families are often spread out across state lines (and sometimes across countries!), many families opt to have professional photos taken on those rare occasions where the whole family is together in one place. Instead of just uploading these precious photos to social media, where they will soon become a distant memory, put them to better use as custom canvas prints. Gallery wrapped canvas print can be displayed proudly on your family’s walls as art.

family reunion gifts
Vintage Frames Family Tree Canvas Print from PurpleTrail

Custom canvas prints offer so much more than just displaying a photo. You can add your own custom text and embellishments to make it a true family reunion display piece for above the mantle. You can even showcase a selection of photos for a truly unique piece of wall art.

3.) Personalized Drinking Tumblers

Let’s face it. Family reunions held outdoor in the summer get HOT. That’s why personalized tumblers make such a fantastic family reunion gift. Family members can fill up their tumbler with lemonade or sweet tea to stay cool during the whole event. A number of sellers on Etsy offer customizable drinkware that you can personalize with your family’s names, the date of the reunion, and their special place in the family. The Megan Marie Brown Etsy shop, for example, offers the awesome family reunion tumblers featured below in 10 different vinyl color choices with your choice of fonts.

family reunion gifts
Family Reunion Tumblers from the Megan Marie Brown shop on Etsy

Other Etsy shops offer different styles of tumblers, so it’s useful to poke around and see what strikes your fancy. We liked the family tree tumblers shown below that we found over on the Custom for Less Etsy shop. You can pick from a variety of colors and personalize these tumblers with the word “family” and your family members’ names.

family reunion gifts
Personalized Family Tree Monogram Tumblers from the Custom for Less shop on Etsy

4.) Custom Mugs

Another fun take-home gift is a custom mug that you can personalize with your family name, photos, and the text of your choice. This is the perfect family reunion gift to tuck away in a goodie bag or have waiting on a bedside table in a cabin or lodge that your family is renting for the weekend. Another bonus of a custom mug is that it can be easily packed in a suitcase when family members travel home.

family reunion gifts
Rustic Woodgrain Family Reunion Mug from PurpleTrail

PurpleTrail lets you customize a mug with your own favorite colors and fonts and even add a fun graphic as a finishing touch. As an alternative, you can upload your own design for a look on your custom mug that’s all your own. Complete this family reunion gift with a small bag of gourmet coffee from your local roaster.

5.) Personalized Playing Cards

If you are planning a weekend-long reunion, there is sure to be some dead time where family will be sitting around twiddling their thumbs. A deck of cards comes in mighty handy as a boredom buster, especially if inclement weather ruins your plans for outdoor fun. A personalized deck of cards for each member of the family is not only an affordable gift, but a nifty little memento of your time together.

family reunion gifts
Navy & White Family Reunion Deck of Cards from the Redwood & Vine store on Zazzle

A deck of cards is also a good gift for any age or personality type. The kiddos can play go fish, the adults can play poker or gin rummy, and the loners can enjoy a game of solitaire. The example shown above, from the Redwood & Vine store on Zazzle, can be fully customized with your choice of background color, fonts, and images.

6.) Custom Wall Calendars

Some families are so large that it’s hard to really see people’s faces in a single photo. That’s what makes custom wall calendars such a cool family reunion gift. Since wall calendars let you break up family photos into 12 smaller segments, reunion guests can enjoy a different, close-up family photo each month.

family reunion gifts
Kraft Paper And Washi Tape Wall Calendar from PurpleTrail

The example above from PurpleTrail lets you customize the date portion of the calendar to include birthdays, anniversaries, and even the date of the next family reunion, if you tend to plan it on the same day every year. Unlike stock calendars, you can start a custom calendar on any month you want, so family members don’t have to wait until next January to start using it.

7.) Personalized Sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses are an affordable family reunion gift that work well as a single-item gift, or as an addition to a family reunion goodie bag. Sunglasses are as useful for outdoor gatherings in the hot sun as they are for cold-weather family ski trips. As a bonus, they are small enough to be easily packed away in a purse or messenger bag.

family reunion gifts
Retro Bamboo Arms Sunglasses from LogoLenses can be personalized on the arms and lenses.

The example above from Logo Lenses can be personalized with your choice of text on the arms, such as “Family Reunion 2016” or “Smith Family Reunion.”

8.) Custom Cookbook

Last but not least, a great family reunion gift idea is a custom cookbook filled with recipes submitted from the entire family. Grandma’s famous lasagna, Aunt Carol’s savory potato salad, and Cousin Bryan’s delicious baby back ribs would all have their place in the cookbook. Even the kids could contribute their own recipes, even if they’re as simple as fresh guacamole or grilled cheese sandwiches.

family reunion gifts
Custom Cookbook from Heritage Cookbook

The example above is from Heritage Cookbook, a custom cookbook company that lets you choose from one of their professionally designed covers or upload your own cover art. This gift would require a little advance planning, as you would need to contact each family member and ask them to contribute their favorite recipe along with corresponding photos.

We hope these eight ideas inspire you to choose special family reunion gifts that are a key part of making memories!

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